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Electric and Upright Bass

   Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock & Roll,         Boogie Woogie and Rockabilly

"Dean Honeycutt is a professional musician's dream, diligent, punctual, no drama and though he already knows a great deal, he is willing to learn new material and adapt to whatever his bandleader needs him to do. I know I am guaranteed to have a great gig with Dean manning the bass."

- Daryl Davis
Leader of The Daryl Davis Band 
Former keyboardist for Chuck Berry

with The Daryl Davis Band.jpg

with The Daryl Davis Band 1996




"...A core group of musicians known as the House Band, kick off the festivities each Monday night and is led by Tom Robbins. He is also the host for the evening and is a blues aficionado on the guitar – and sings like a pro. Robbins is the “real Mccoy” incorporating sounds of the Mississippi Blues belt music: Sweet Home Chicago, Kansas City, Smokestack Lightning, or I’m Ready. He performs with great emotion and says his music “provides a secular feeling of life’s journey expressed through the blues. ”"Dean Honeycutt, electric bass musician, is also the general manager of Drum & Strum. He lays down the “fat bottom” of the blues jam each week. Honeycutt loves the blues and says he is “purposed with keeping the blues alive for the next generation.”

Curtis Paul, Lifestyle, The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine (Mar 31, 2018)


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